Heroes tv show powers

heroes tv show powers

The ability to see auras and take the lives and powers of others .. or by being listed in a trusted show source, such as the Assignment Tracker. ‎ Enhanced memory · ‎ Weather control · ‎ Notes. Before we power up for the new show, let's turn off the lights one last time for all the awesome abilities we saw in the first series — and then. A group of ordinary people discover amazing powers, and what they do with “ Heroes ” has showcased this idea so well that the show has become a sort of. heroes tv show powers

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Heroes Powers - Freezing/Cryokinesis (all scenes) The big issue is with turning Hiro's normal best buddy mein pony a super-powered hero. Charlie Andrews Jesse Murphy Baron Samedi Ishi Nakamura Stephen Canfield Echo DeMille Danny Pine. Something does not work as expected? When the Constrictor later took his girlfriend hostage, Echo was forced to kill. Claude Rainsportrayed by Christopher Ecclestonis a former employee of the Company. Matt Parkman , Peter Petrelli , Maury Parkman , Arthur Petrelli , Charles Deveaux. During a celebratory bonfire Brody and Claire wander off to the bleachers , where he attempts to rape her. Harris Cryokinesis Ability to generate and manipulate ice James Walker , Gabriel Gray , Peter Petrelli , Tracy Strauss Disintegration Ability to disintegrate objects Tom Miller , Gabriel Gray Dream manipulation Ability to manipulate the dreams of others Sanjog Iyer Electrokinesis Ability to generate and control lightning Elle Bishop , Peter Petrelli , Gabriel Gray , Arthur Petrelli , Ando Masahashi Electronic communication Ability to receive and transmit electronic signals Phone calls, text message, etc. While Samuel denies the claim, Edgar backs Claire up and combined with Eli's confession to murdering Lydia on Samuel's orders, Joseph's murder causes the carnies to leave Samuel. Sylar 62 episodes, Rachel Mills , portrayed by Taylor Cole , is the daughter of Leona Mills and a father with the ability to teleport. Click here for our full list of newsletters. Hence why I need Micah's Tecnhopathy. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Honestly, seeing the future didn't always help the Heroes out all that much, but having an idea about what's coming up is probably better than not knowing at all. They date in season 2 with West eventually learning the truth about his kidnapping. The Bowman Family consists of Chris Bowman , portrayed by Daryl Crittenden, with his wife Gail and daughter Jenny , who are workers at the "Sullivan Bros. I focus on this one thing: He is introduced in " The Second Coming ". When trying to meet with his girlfriend, Echo used the brown note to avoid two more Company agents. Daniel Linderman , portrayed by Malcolm McDowell , has the ability to heal the injuries and illnesses of living organisms; this includes healing the "scars" created by mental manipulation, thereby allowing him to restore lost memories and remove implanted thoughts. He believed for years that his father was dead, but finds out the truth after being captured by S. Not to be confused with Claude Rains. Bob Bishop , Gabriel Gray. For the second season of the show, Santiago Cabrera , Tawny Cypress , and Leonard Roberts left the main cast.

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Mira Shenoy , portrayed by Kavi Ladnier, is a geneticist and love interest of Mohinder Suresh , first seen in " Seven Minutes to Midnight ", during the funeral of Chandra Suresh in India. At the end of the Evs Dropper arc, she defends Donna Dunlap from Gael, locking him in a cell. In "Let It Bleed" she tells Peter that she and West are now Facebook friends and she calls him so Peter can copy his power as a way of remembering Nathan. He owns the Deveaux Society, which opened with the goal to "fund causes that bettered the world", and the Deveaux Building, the rooftop of which is a frequently visited location in the series. She reveals to him that she works for the Company and it was she who pulled him off of Kirby Plaza. Amplifying other people's powers?

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Matt Parkman 64 episodes, Just enter your email below. It is unknown if Kimiko has any abilities. Demanding to know more, Samuel propels a rock through Joseph's throat in a moment of rage, mortally wounding him. The Haitian , Peter Petrelli , Damian. After Noah's betrayal of the Company is revealed at Candice's hands, she is seen operating on her own.

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